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Springtime External House Cleaning

Springtime External House Cleaning is a business within the north western areas of Sydney (The Hills District); we believe when it comes to house washing nothing beats experience.

Our services are regularly used by real-estate agents and home owners looking to put their house on the market. Options such as house washing, high pressure cleaning, pergola cleaning, roof cleaning or window cleaning can add great value and appeal to a weathered property. It is important to have these things done prior to a photographer coming in as it can increase online interest exponentially at a small price. We all wash our car before placing it on the market, washing your house is an imperative task in presenting it to the market at it’s best. Often we have seen a few hundred dollars spent on house washing, roof cleaning, cleaning the concrete or paved driveways and paths to increase the selling price of a house by thousands of dollars.

When contemplating how to make improvements to the overall look of your home without spending a fortune something as simple as house washing and high pressure cleaning can make a huge impact to your home. We can make your slightly tired looking house look fresh again by spending a few hours cleaning off the cobwebs and mildew with spectacular results. House washing is a great option to help get your home get back to its gleaming best.

It is such a rewarding job when we have helped bring back a home to its former glory with just a bit of elbow grease and attention to detail by something as simple as house washing.

There is no one size fits all solution, every structure or building is unique, and all the finer details need to be considered, from construction style, timber age, to the integrity of the paint work. After all that is taken into consideration, methods and techniques must be determined as well as the correct blend of quality chemicals and detergents. We have improved the art of house washing using a range of techniques (soft hand washing, low & high pressure cleaning, with all different nozzles and attachments available). House washing and the impact it can make will amaze you. If you’re looking for the highest quality and care, you have found the right company to do your house washing.

What is included in the house washing? Washing of the outside of the gutters, eaves, walls, windows, screens, beams, lattice, railings, garage doors, external ceilings & balcony walls. Our systems of house washing and high pressure cleaning will remove mould, mildew, spider webs, dirt, grime, pollution & wasp’s nests.

Springtime External House Cleaning also offers high pressure cleaning for the removal of grease, mould, mildew and grime bringing those old tired looking surfaces back to life. We clean all hard surfaces, including driveways, paths, retaining walls, fences, paved areas around pools and any other surface areas that may require cleaning with our high pressure cleaning.  All flat surfaces are cleaned using a rotary machine, which is an additional attachment that cleans with minimal water waste, faster cleaning speed that cleans evenly for a maximum result. This method also prevents streaking of the surface that has been cleaned.

Our team at Springtime can wash most surfaces with our modern equipment.

  • Concrete,

  • Tiles,

  • Slate,

  • Pebblecrete

  • Stencilcrete,

  • Cladding,

  • Weatherboard and Brick.

  • Commercial buildings & factory units

We also provide other services cleaning leaves from gutters, Roof cleaning and Solar panel cleaning, Pergola Cleaning, Bird prevention mesh.

  • Working at Heights accredited for roofs
  • Elevated Work Platform accredited and white card
  • We also work on commercial buildings and factory units with the same method of house washing or high pressure cleaning.
  • Springtime External House Cleaning prides itself on quality customer service while maintaining value for money. We guarantee that we will be on time and try to fit in with a time that is best suited to you.
  • Springtime External House Cleaning is fully insured to put your mind at ease.
  • Please do not hesitate to give us a call and we guarantee a full quote within a few days

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